Fashion + Lifestyle


Fashion + Lifestyle

Agenda is the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world. Since 2003, Agenda has emerged as the premier destination for brands and retailers to converge. Agenda is where passion becomes profit and the business of creativity is conducted in a truly authentic environment. What began as a satellite show with a small grouping of 30 brands has since transcended into the quintessential lifestyle fashion trade show.

Agenda’s portfolio now includes 2 trade events and 1 consumer festival, in two cities, expertly curated with over 1,000 brands and a recurring brand-building conference. Buyers, brands, investors, distributors, and media hail from around the globe, gathering at Agenda to build partnerships, participate in the community, and grow their businesses.


Digital, Video, Advertising, Social Media Content, Copywriting.


Creative Direction: Damien Lawson
Coordination + Direction: Romina Lawson
Lead Design: Damien Lawson
Designers: Alina Castro